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We partner with Top music streaming platforms to reach every corner of the world. Select the right podium and showcase your talent.


How to Distribute Music with ST Digital?

Channel all your energy into crafting your music; the journey that follows is a breeze. Three simple steps, and your beats resonate on every streaming platforms.

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Upload Your Music

You begin by uploading your track and artwork to the ST Digital Platform. Our seamless and easy-to-use interface navigates you throughout the process and shares your music in no time.


We Distribute It Across Multiple Channels

As soon as you have submitted your artistry, we distribute it across the leading channels including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, and more.


Get Paid

Once the music is live on the platforms, you will be paid every time someone streams the track on any platform. We help you reap the rewards of your talent with complete transparency.

Upload Music for Free and Start Earning

Power of collaboration to Make your sound heard

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Great talent deserves a good stage to reach its target audience. We, at ST Digital, select the best streaming platforms to make your music and videos reach the mass audience in no time. Our Advanced Rights Management guarantees your name is safeguarded, defending your intellectual property with unyielding vigilance.

ST Digital offers a tailored licensing deal, helping you grow your talent, and make your music achieve new heights. We impart a royalty payment procedure to ensure each monetary benefit reaches your account.


Ready to launch?

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Join ST Digital and get discovered for your music and videos on top streaming platforms. Reach your fan base in no time with our strong distribution network.