ST Digital Launches Innovative Music Distribution Service in the USA


In an era where music transcends borders and barriers, the importance of effective music distribution cannot be overstated. Independent artists and labels seek platforms that empower them to share their creations with a global audience. Recognizing this need, ST Digital, a leading music distribution company, has expanded its reach by launching its innovative distribution service in the United States.

Unveiling a World of Possibilities:

ST Digital, already renowned for its commitment to independent artists, has taken a significant leap by bringing its cutting-edge distribution services to the US music landscape. This expansion opens up a world of possibilities for musicians, songwriters, and labels looking to make their mark in the industry.

Key Features of ST Digital's US Distribution Service:

  1. Free Music Distribution: ST Digital's ethos centers on breaking down barriers. To that end, they offer free music distribution services, enabling emerging artists to share their work without financial constraints.

  2. Global Reach: With the US being one of the world's largest music markets, ST Digital's presence allows artists to tap into this vast audience while also reaching international listeners through its global distribution network.

  3. Immersive Virtual Reality: ST Digital is not just about distribution; it's about innovation. Artists and fans can expect immersive virtual reality music experiences that redefine the concert-going experience.

  4. Marketing Support: Beyond distribution, ST Digital offers marketing support, empowering artists to enhance their visibility and engagement on streaming platforms.

  5. Transparency and Fair Revenue Sharing: ST Digital values transparency and ensures fair revenue sharing, providing artists with clear insights into their music's performance and earnings.

A Beacon for Independent Artists:

ST Digital's arrival in the USA is a testament to their dedication to independent artists and their mission to empower them on their musical journey. By providing free distribution services, immersive experiences, and global reach, ST Digital aims to level the playing field for emerging talents.

Join the ST Digital Community:

With ST Digital's presence in the USA, a new chapter unfolds in the world of music distribution. Independent artists, labels, and music enthusiasts now have access to an ecosystem of support and innovation designed to foster creativity and collaboration.

ST Digital invites artists, songwriters, and music lovers to join their community, explore new horizons, and share their music with the world.


ST Digital's foray into the USA marks a significant milestone in the music distribution landscape. Their commitment to empowering independent artists with free distribution services, global reach, and immersive experiences promises to shape the future of music distribution in the United States and beyond. It's an exciting time for artists and music enthusiasts, as ST Digital paves the way for new possibilities in the world of music.

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